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Interested in casting one of our students for in your Louisiana Film Prize Film or another upcoming project? Contact us and we will put you in touch with the student or their representation. 

Current Students
Gabrielle B.
Ron Bush
Emma W. 
Terry Nelson
C.W. Johnson
Brianna Matthews
Damien Gipson
Roberta Moses
Robin White
Jeroen Kales
Hannah Kaufman
Chris Whisnant

As members of SAG-AFTRA our instructors, may only take part in SAG-AFTRA signatory short films. Payment is not required to the actors under a SAG-AFTRA short film agreement and we will be glad to help you navigate the process if you would like your production to feature any of our union members. Contact us to have one of our instructors either in your film or as an on-set acting coach for your LAFP short or another upcoming project. 

Nina Leon
Garrett Kruithof
Dodie Brown
Tyler Centers
Isabella F.
Peyton Giddens