On behalf of everyone at Northwood Acting Studio, our hearts go out to all those that are impacted by COVID-19 and to those who are on the front lines every day helping to keep us safe. The global spread of this pandemic is affecting every one of us. The safety and health of our community is always of the utmost importance, therefore, we wanted to share an update on how Northwood Acting Studio is responding.


We have reopened our physical doors and are now teaching live in the studio. Because the situation is complex and evolving rapidly, our plans may change. If they do, we’ll let you know.

If you are hesitant to attend live classes we have you can take advantage of virtual coaching,  or virtual one on ones/career counseling.  We will continue to be a source of training within our community. The industry is roaring back with more opportunities than ever and we want our students to be ready. 

Below you will find our guidelines for our in-person classes and a list of frequently asked questions concerning COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

Stay safe!


As students enter the studio, they’ll be directed to wash their hands prior to joining class. We will provide appropriate soaps and hand sanitizers for student and staff use, although students are welcome to bring their own products if they have any special skin needs.

Face Coverings

Guidlines change we follow current CDC and Louisiana mandates. Please check with the studio to see if face coverings are required when not appearing on camera.


All  common area surfaces will be sanitized in between classes with  appropriate cleaning sprays in accordance with CDC recommendations.

No Sharing Items

During classes or while waiting for classes to begin, students should not share any materials or equipment. This includes scripts, writing utensils or props.  Please bring any items you may need for class as the studio will not be able to provide them.

Physical Distancing

The nature of acting classes is such that physical distancing is tricky at times, but please be assured that whenever possible, students will be spaced the recommended six feet apart. We would ask that students not move chairs or designated markings indicating those six foot parameters. 

Strict Sickness Policy

We ask any student who has been feeling under the weather, has had a fever within the past 24 hours, has had contact with or exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or has tested positive themselves to PLEASE stay home. We will respect your privacy to the fullest extent, and we thank you for your cooperation.

Liability Waiver

In accordance with Louisiana Law by participating in live classes you agree Northwood Acting Studios shall not be held liable for any civil damages related to exposure to COVID-19. 


Do you still have classes at this time?

Yes we are offering classes in person on Wednesdays. We have a few different options available. Please contact us for details.

What other services do you offer virtually?

We are currently offering one on one consulting or private coaching via Zoom.

Can I still audit a class?

Yes you may sit in on one of our classes at no cost or obligation to see if you would like to attend. You must agree to follow our mask and social distancing guidelines to attend.

Will you still offer virtual classes for those that are uncomfortable attending live classes in a group setting when you return to the studio?

Yes. We can offer one on one at a time that is agreeable to you and our instructors.