All actors need a demo reel showcasing the best clips of their performances. Did you know casting sites put actors with reels at the top of the submission list over ones who do not?

Having a reel not only shows agents and casting directors your range but that you are a professional who takes their career seriously. 

Check out some examples below and contact us with any questions or to book. 
How It Works:

Pay a $100 deposit of the $250 due for a reel up to five minutes in length. 

Provide us with the original source footage of your material either via delivery service if it is a DVD or via email if they are digital files. 


Provide us with a digital copy of your headshot to use as part of your reel with the contact information you want included. (Either personal or your agent)


Let us know the time signature and description of the scenes you would like us to highlight. 


We will send you a watermarked low resolution copy for you to approve. You can have us make minor revisions at no additional cost one time. 


Once approval is received and the balance of $150 due is received we will send you a digital high resolution copy watermark free for via email. 


We will return any hard copies of footage we received from you via delivery service at no additional cost​