Northwood Acting Studio is passionate about teaching you how to become a better actor. Forget games, forget techniques, forget methods, come learn acting rooted in your most basic truth: YOU
  • A variety of different video audition services to fit your needs.

  • To put it quite simply: Our actors book. The quality of our videos and coaching is such that our actors have booked recurring roles on TV series and supporting roles in major movies without ever having set foot in a casting room. 

  • One of the main tools of a working actor is reels. If you have any footage of yourself it is imperative for you to put it into a reel and upload to the major casting sites. 

  • We are able to tranform from your DVD's or digital files a professional reel for your use. 

  • Ever wondered how to get started as an actor? If you have a group of people then one of our working actors will come and speak to your group for FREE on how to get started in this business. 

  • This is perfect for churches, schools, dance studios or martial arts schools. 

  • The most potent tool in your arsenal as an actor is your training. We have ongoing weekly classes so that you can stay sharp and be ready for your next audition whether it is your first or your hundreth. 

  • Need something a little more personal? Private coaching is also available to prepare you for a live audition or use our video audition services with coaching. 

  • One of the very first things you need to start as an actor is headshots. We offer a very affordable option for the beginning actor. 

  • When people google you what's the first thing they see? If you want it to be what you want them to see one of the best ways is to host your own website. 

  • We offer a variety of packages to help you launch your brand as an actor.