When do classes start?


Our classes are offered year round in monthly four-class course sessions, except for December and other months in which there are holidays. Less than four classes may be offered in those months, and the monthly session tuition is pro-rated based on the number of classes.


When can I join a class?

That decision is yours, as long as class space is available. Each class is self-contained and stands on its own. If you decide to join a class mid-month, we will prorate the monthly session fee based on your start date.


How much do your classes cost?

Monthly tuition for 1 live session weekly is $150, and include a virtual class each week. You may take the virtual component by itself for $100 per month with no live classes.  Most of our students choose to enroll in consecutive monthly sessions because they are learning in and enjoying our classes. 


Do you need acting experience to enroll?

No. We accept all experience levels from beginning to advanced.
We have working and aspiring professional actors in our classes, and some students who are in class just for the joy and education it provides. We find that actors work and learn best when grouped together rather than being separated by experience level. 


Do we need to audition to be accepted?

No, as long as we have room, we accept all students who want to enroll.


When are your classes?

See our COVID19 page for the most up to date information. All classes are online through July 6, 2020. 

Wednesday Nights - We are staggering start times because of COVID19. Classes start at 4:30 and then another group comes in at 6:00. If needed we will add a third start time to keep classes small. Please contact us to see what times are available.

Saturday Mornings - 10 AM Virtual Self-Taping Class - This class in held online via Zoom. 

Where are your classes held?

We are located in Millennium Studios at 300 Douglas St, in downtown Shreveport. When you pull in the lot you will see a beige building with the letter B on it to your left. Park near the front of the building and proceed to the double glass doors and you will be buzzed in. 


How do I join classes?

Please use our contact form on our home page or the messaging system on our Facebook page to inquire about or sign up for classes.