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We offer a variety of different audition taping services to suit your needs.

Alway wondered how to get started in acting? Contact us to have one of us come to speak to your group about what it takes.

Join our ongoing classes to begin or further your acting career. Every Tuesday night at 6:30 PM


So many of today's casting is done through tape and there is a art and technique that not everyone understands. On top of your performance agents, casting directors, producers and directors can be focused on your video and sound quality as well. A great performance with a poor quality video can keep your tape from being sent on to production.


As a working actor who has booked recurring roles for television and major roles on film through video without ever having met anyone in production or casting first, Garrett has the expertise and equipment to make your audition tape look and sound fantastic. He has consistently booked on tape and many of his students have booked and recieved callbacks directly from taping at Northwood Studios. 


He understands how the camera sees you, and can coach specifically for on-camera auditioning.



I can guarantee that if I had never had the advice and help from Garrett that I have received, there would be several roles that I would have never booked.  I have learned techniques from him that I will use for the rest of my career.  Since taping with him, I have booked several roles just from the tape alone. NCIS New Orleans and Zoo are just two examples.  Garrett is great and wants to see you succeed. He started out as a colleague and is now considered a great friend. He'll do the same for you. 

—  Tim J Smith, Actor and Stunt Performer


Northwood Acting Studio in

Millennium Studios

Suite 110

300 Douglas St.

Shreveport, LA 71101

Please see our COVID19 section for current classes and times.

Taping Services are by request based on availability. 

Ready to book, audit a class, or inquire about one of our other services? 


Fill out the contact form for & we’ll get you rolling. 

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